Gender Neutral Pricing.

Prices vary and are determined based on time and complexity of service and are at the discretion of the stylist. Thickness and length of hair and amount of product needed will affect the time required as well as the cost.

Please book a free 15 min consultation if unsure of timing or service required for your desired look.

Also, please note that not all stylists do all services, services available from each stylist will be available on the online booking system. We currently have three amazing Hair Stylists and a Barber who specialises in fades and precision barbering. 


15 mins- $15 +   (fringe trim)

30 mins- $35 +   (children’s cut, quick buzz)

45 mins- $45 +   (clipper sides and back, scissor cut on top)

60 mins- $60 +  (short/medium hair cut, no shampoo/blow dry)

75 mins- $75 +  (shampoo, haircut, blow out)

90 mins- $90 +  (extra long, thick haircut, shampoo/blowout)

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Organic Colour Systems Aqua Boost- Conditioning Moisture Treatment


  • scalp and hair brushing
  • shampoo
  • scalp massage
  • treatment under heat (20mins)
  • rinse/blow out
    1 hr  $65 +

Organic Colour Systems ReVamp Protein and/or Power Build Strengthening Treatment


  • same process as above – with the addition of the ReVamp strengthening treatment for those requiring protein structure rebonding and extra strand strengthening.
    1 hr 15 mins  $75 +

Extra Product Charge for extra long/thick hair $15 +


$65/hour + (+ because of complexity/extra colour added/olaplex added)

$15-$20 + extra colour charge for longer/thicker hair

$25 additional charge- Olaplex – extra bond protection when lightening fragile/chemically treated hair

$80/hour – Corrective Hair Colour Services

Services starting at:

  • Root touch up – $85+
  • Full colour – $100+
  • Highlights – $135+
  • Balayage – $190+
  • Corrective colour – $80/hr consultation required

Blow Outs

Shampoo/Blow Out

40 mins- short hair- $40 +

60 mins- long hair- $60 +

60-90 mins- long hair Special Occasion Up-dos $85 +

A consultation is recommended for special occasion up-dos and a trial run is recommended for weddings. 

Brow & Lash Tints 

15 mins Brow Tint- $20

25-30 mins Lash Tint- $30