Why a Natural Approach to Hair?

The story of how Carbon Hair Company was created:

We were two women who enjoyed working together and wanted to create an eco-friendly space that felt like a home to both us and our clients. 

There were fun backyard conversations and dreams about what natural product lines we would carry, how we would design the space to emulate the natural vision that we had, where we would open, finding the most comfortable washing sinks (which we did by the way!), how many stylists we could fit, and many other exciting options.

We stumbled into an opportunity for our space to be where it is, nestled just off of Dunsmuir avenue in the Legendary Cumberland. 

photo of owners, Krista and Cindy

The timing may not have been perfect (with Krista being 8 ½ months pregnant!) but we knew we wanted to bring our vision to life, and we wanted it to be in the Comox Valley.

The first decision was white and wood. We basically stuck to that through all of our design and when you visit us you will see it throughout the salon. The two of us have a deep respect for one another, and the natural world – so it made a lot of the decision making easy. We agree on the most important things, but each one of us also brings different qualities to the table which provides us with a really balanced partnership – it just works.

We worked together to dig deep and unearth two amazing eco-friendly product lines – Carina Organics and Organic Colour SystemsIt wasn’t easy to find actual transparent brands that weren’t hiding anything in the fine print but we did. 

Cumberland's Carbon Hair Company - woman-envisioned and woman-owned
We use Organic Color Systems to protect the planet and your hair.
Carina Organics hair care is truly good for your hair and the earth.

Carrying brands that have morals we agree with is integral to our mission in the beauty industry. We believe you can be natural, care about the Earth and environment, and not sacrifice feeling beautiful or having great hair!

We are incredibly proud of what we have created, it suits the vision we had from the beginning and we have been happily revealing our clients’ inner beauty in our space since we opened in September. Come visit us and have a look for yourself!

-Love Krista and Cindy