Why Organic Colour Systems™?

How we wound up with Organic Colour Systems as our colour line and luxury retail products was an interesting adventure. 

Long before we opened we had found a brand that seemed perfect – it was more natural, it had minimal packaging, checked the boxes on affordability for both us and our clients, etc… 

Then Cindy discovered the fine print and spent hours scrutinizing MSDS sheets and learning about what damage certain chemicals are causing not only to the environment but to our health and wellbeing. We then waded through the greenwashing that has overtaken our industry and finally found OCS. 

We were set to open in 3 days, but we dropped the original brand and got in touch – the people working for Organic Colour Systems guided us well, offered great education, and have a product that in our research is unsurpassed.

We use Organic Color Systems to protect the planet and your hair.

A few reasons we believe you will love OCS as well:

The colour process takes a little longer than we are used to, but the science of is it quite fascinating. 

Instead of using harsh chemicals to colour the hair, we do the work of those chemicals manually – by using appropriate shampoos and products for the hair condition, and
applying heat to allow the colour to penetrate the hair.

When you visit us at Carbon Hair Company and have your hair coloured with the natural and organic colour we are certain you will see a difference in the health of your hair. 

We look forward to introducing you to it!

– Love Cindy and Krista