A Note about Carina Organics:

The search for an affordable line of shampoo, conditioner, and styling products for our clients was another labour of love along our journey. We were used to using Sea Wench Naturals, which is an incredible line of products and is made right off of Vancouver Island in the Clayoquot Sound. We searched high and low to find another brand that compared. Then Carina Organics saved the day.


Carina is hand made on the North Shore of Vancouver and the products have been around since 1972. Longevity is a good indicator of quality, in our opinion. This company makes a point of being transparent with their ingredients, they were up front about their use of RSPO certified and fair trade palm oil in the past – and they have been steadily working to move away from palm, in 2018 all of their mainline conditioners and moisturizers became palm oil free! Having a company that is constantly improving on our shelves suits us well, as we believe in always enhancing and growing our skills. Staying educated, current, and being hair nerds are very important to us both.

A note from Carina Organics about their ingredients and sourcing:

“Our sourcing methodology is based on selecting the highest quality ingredients. This means ingredients that are certified organic and impact nature as little as possible in the harvesting process. This includes impact consideration of emissions, regrowth of the plant being harvested, and the surrounding environment. Those ingredients labelled as green are sourced from QAI/USDA certified growers and account for an average of 98% of our certifiable ingredients.

We also strive to use local organic suppliers and farmers wherever and whenever possible. A selection of these suppliers are too small to receive the accreditation due to the cost, those ingredients are labelled in black as natural and organic. Should a product not be available locally we aim to find the nearest supplier meeting our environmental standards. Every supplier of raw materials is researched to confirm that their methods of farming or harvesting meet these sustainability standards.”

(source: https://ca.carinaorganics.com/pages/ingredients )

At Carbon Hair Company we care strongly about the Earth and all inhabitants of her, so
supporting other companies that believe the same is easy for us. We are so happy to have these available to our much loved clients and know the products will create a noticeable difference to your hair.

~ Love Krista and Cindy